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Sempre Health Sees 3x Increase In Email Response Rates with Hireflow's Personalization Software

Sempre Health is a leading healthcare tech startup ($10.5M Series A led by Industry Ventures) that is bringing behavior-based, individualized copays to healthcare. Sempre Health uses behavioral economics and SMS to inspire patients towards long-term behavior change, while saving healthcare dollars for the entire ecosystem.

Healthcare Technology Startup

8-10 employees


Sempre Health needed help in filling key hires across engineering, product and operations. As a healthcare tech startup handling sensitive data, they were looking for very specific skillsets & industry experiences in their critical hires. Their lean recruiting team knew that with the right tooling, they could significantly increase their productivity and impact to the business. Sempre Health was in the market for software that would enable their recruiting team to become more efficient and scale to drive the company's expansion.

Sempre Health's critical hires were unfilled for months and the company was spending more budget on agency and staffing firms than ideal.

Outreach communication from the internal team lacked personalization and follow-ups to drive effectiveness.

The recruiting team was stretched thin and unable to spend time on higher value strategic initiatives.


Sempre Health decided to try Hireflow's one-click candidate sourcing and engagement software. The recruiting team fell in love instantly with the ability to source quickly on various candidate platforms. Not having to input candidate information such as name and title into an Applicant Tracking System paired with Hireflow’s automated email look-up technology saved countless hours of mundane work. Hiring managers were also able to collaborate faster with the recruiting team. Every hiring manager could quickly sign up and send outreach to candidates they particularly liked or knew already. The product provided seamless collaboration with the ability to see which candidates had been reached out to by the team already.

Enhanced collaboration between the recruiting team and hiring managers.

Tracking of the candidate funnel with powerful analytics to drive performance improvements.

Automated personalization and follow-up emails to increase response rate.

"Hireflow is our secret superpower to hiring great candidates. Being able to manage all outreach, engagement, and tracking seamlessly with personalization and follow-ups has been a game changer for recruiting."


Swaraj Banerjee


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