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Reviews are in

We don’t want to boast, but we have a couple of 5 stars

May 5th 2023

Hireflow is an instrumental part of our recruiting operation at Smartcar

85% of our sourced hires came from Hireflow. We are incredibly happy customers!

Mathilde Patmon

Director of People

November 23rd 2022

The most effective sourcing and outreach tool

Hireflow combines the core functionality of search (LinkedIn, SeekOut, etc) with the ability to build automated outreach campaigns (Gem, SalesLoft, etc). Plus, Hireflow uses AI to find candidates you wouldn't otherwise come across.

Nicole S.

Lead Recruiter

March 11th 2021

Wow. I love Hireflow!

After feeding Hireflow ideal profiles, it sourced a perfect list of prospects for me & I reached out thru hireflow's chrome extension. Saved me hours.

Maxine Rose Anderson

Co-Founder and COO

August 9th 2022

A recruiting tool that actually works!

Hireflow’s AI Sourcer is a LIFESAVER. Every day I get 20 candidates that are almost perfect matches. I can even leave feedback to calibrate the profile even further each day.

Andrew M.

Talent Acquisition Lead, Technical

March 16th 2023

Hireflow gave me superpowers overnight

I would be hopelessly lost without Hireflow. I've found great candidates with Hireflow, and they are moving through our interview process only after a few days of outreach.

Henry S


March 15th 2023

Invaluable product and great support team

Easy, incredibly useful, powerful tool with amazing support. I can source, sequence, reach-out and meet talent, all in one powerful tool and directly on my LinkedIn.

Antoine D.

Lead Recruiter


If you still need some answers, our team is here to answer you directly

Your sourcing workflows are unique and critical to your company’s overall success. Most teams therefore invest a short amount of time upfront to better understand the product and pricing, to make sure it fits with their needs. The call will quickly cover your hiring goals and/or current challenges, give you a brief demo of the relevant features and workflows, and allow you to assess whether we have the right solution.

Every customer not only has a dedicated customer representative, but also receives support via live chat, email, phone and text. Hireflow was voted Best Support by G2 in summer of 2023.

Hireflow is separated into two products, the Outbound Recruiting Platform and AI Sourcing. The platform is priced per seat, which gets users the candidate email-finding, sequencing, reporting, CRM, ATS integration and more. AI sourcing can be purchased in addition to the seats, where customers only pay for the candidates they approve. Annual commitments get 40% off per seat. “My favorite sourcing tool, at a great price” - Erica Law, Founder at Springhouse Talent “Huge value for your coins” - Karman Kua, Senior Technical Recruiter at Borrowell

Yes - for annual commitments, if you ultimately don’t see the value of Hireflow within 30 days of onboarding, we offer a full refund guarantee.

Every customer gets a 1:1 onboarding with our team to ensure they can maximize the value of Hireflow. Onboardings typically take one or two 45 min sessions, depending on the size of the team. You also get top notch, continuous support after the initial onboarding, and a 30 day check-in.

Yes. Not only does your team get a $150 credit, the company that you refer also gets $150 off their plan too.

You can select a monthly or annual plan. Annual plans get a 40% discount per seat relative to the equivalent monthly option. Monthly plans require payment by credit card, while annual plans can be paid by credit card, direct deposit, and wire transfers.

You can reach out to, or contact your dedicated customer success representative if you need to cancel your plan.

Currently, Hireflow supports Greenhouse, Lever, and Ashby. We are working to support other platforms; please let us know your suggestions.