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Hiring Guild Uses Hireflow's Free Enterprise Grade Software to 2x Their Productivity

Hiring Guild is a boutique HR and talent consultancy for leading startups. The firm specializes setting up foundational processes and sourcing talent in product design, product management, research and marketing.

HR Consultancy for Technology Companies

8-10 employees


Sheila Normile Thompson and Greg Hoy, seasoned HR leaders and founders of Hiring Guild, found the complicated workflows needed to reach out to candidates hindered their ability to genuinely connect and stay focused on sourcing the best candidates. Sheila and Greg knew that with the right tool, they could make an even greater impact for their clients. The problem was that other software solutions were ill-suited to their needs and required a significant learning curve.

Hiring Guild was looking for a solution that "just worked" without breaking the bank.

Without a strong workflow tool, the partners were spending too many hours reaching out to prospective candidates manually.

Engaging candidates was hard to keep organized because of the lack of a powerful software to tie up all the loose ends.


Hiring Guild saw the immediate value proposition of Hireflow's user friendly and powerful workflow features. On day one of using Hireflow, they eliminated hours of manual engaging, and tracking and were able to focus on the details of sourcing without having to context switch.

Eliminate hours of manual candidate email lookups.

Leverage an intuitive interface to organize and track the end-to-end candidate experience.

Quickly understand where the gaps were in candidate conversions and optimize continuously.

"We were looking for easy to use software that could help us better manage the more routine parts of our recruiting process. Hireflow is free, amazingly powerful, and user friendly. It's clear they've thought through what their users really want, and they delivered."


Sheila Normile Thompson


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