Gem Versus Hireflow

The right tool for your organization depends on your recruiting strategy and hiring needs.

August 5, 2023

Gem Versus Hireflow

Choosing the right tool to power your outbound recruiting is an important step in setting your team up for success. In this article we will compare the capabilities of Hireflow and Gem.


Below is a comparison of the key features, along with a discussion of some of the standouts.

Features Matrix

Tool Abilities

Hireflow and Gem both have strong sourcing capabilities. They are able to automate candidate outreach and follow-ups. This includes everything from finding candidate email addresses to sending the initial and follow-up emails. Both tools can also manage the candidates you source

Hireflow differentiates itself with its AI sourcing abilities. The tool uses AI algorithms to find strong candidates for your role based on your requirements and sends them to you each day. Essentially, Hireflow can source for you while you sleep!

Gem separates itself with its ATS functionality. Gem provides visibility and management of your talent pipeline, it allows you to search “candidate pools” consisting of previously sourced candidates. This allows you to easily re-engage with candidates without needing to re-source them. 


Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives are priorities at many companies. Both Hireflow and Gem have diversity tracking capabilities across Gender and Race. Hireflow also provides visibility into LGBTQIA and Veteran Status. These additional layers allow you to fully execute against your organization's D&I Goals.


Both Hireflow and Gem automatically track and analyze outreach performance. (e.g emails found, emails opened and replied, etc.). Both tools also provide helpful industry benchmarks to ensure your outreach is falling within industry standards.

Gem separates itself here due to it’s ATS nature. Since Gem has full funnel visibility, they are able to provide recruiting pipeline analytics from outreach to hiring, which is great for large teams. Additionally thanks to their full funnel reach, they are able to provide hiring forecasting, which can help with planning.

Team Capabilities

Team capabilities enable collaboration from project sharing, to knowing who on your team has reached out to a specific candidate and visibility into how many candidates have been added into a project, and more.

Hireflow shines when it comes to showing who and when someone on your team has reached out to a candidate in the 1-click sourcing extension.

Gem separates itself with team analytics and reporting, send on behalf of (someone at your organization), and the ability to review candidates with hiring managers.


Both Hireflow and Gem Integrate with Gmail, Outlook, and Leading Applicant Tracking Systems. 

Hireflow stands out due to their sleek Chrome extension that allows 1-click sourcing directly from a candidate's Linkedin Profile. The extension shows who, when, and for what role the candidate was previously contacted. This is a huge time saver allowing you to source up to 5x faster.

Gem also supports sending InMails in their sequences. 

Sign up

Sign up experience is similar with both products. Both have self-serve sign up with free trials.

User Experience

Both Hireflow and Gem have intuitive processes, and strong support and customer success organizations ready to help resolve any issue you may be having.

Hireflow stands out because it was  developed with recruiter-driven insights and best practices in mind, and is designed to simplify the recruiter’s workflow.


Gem’s pricing is not publicly available, but some estimates put it around $4,000 per seat per year. 

Hireflow is a freemium product, with a free tier and paid plans starting at $199, pricing is available here.


The right tool for your organization depends on your recruiting strategy and hiring needs. Both Hireflow and Gem have impressive capabilities with each tool having its stand out features. If you need to supercharge your sourcing, Hireflow could be a good fit for your organization. If you need a tool that will help manage your candidates both idle and active, Gem might be a fit. 

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